We are the best gift

Have you ever wondered why gifts are even there? Why there is such tradition of gift giving? 

Does it come from Jesus times?

And in reality, aren't we the best gifts we can give?

I mean - our time.

Time is more valuable than money. In every way possible. Money is only invented to make lives easier to exchange things. 

Sometimes its such a pressure to give gifts on Christmas, Valentines. On anniversaries and birthdays... On weddings... fathers days .. mothers days...

Big part of all these holidays, events and celebrations are really made for business purposes. Gift giving is probably one of biggest businesses out there. Something you can't really get out of if you want to remain the 'normal' society member.

Although, does anyone is even normal? For real. Normal is just a word.

Where am I going with this?

Yes, Biggest gift we can give someone is your time. Not the engraved keychains, personalised quotes on accessories... not the clocks... flowers. ( aren't flowers the most beautiful in the nature anyway? ) ... jewelry... clothing... socks... candles..

More often gift giving is actually bigger headache than a joy. For many people.

Although others seem to be passionate about gift giving..

I have been . Many times. 

And yes, it brings smile on my face when my loved one smiles unwrapping my gift. And it brings smile to me when the person that we hold dear, have spend a little time thinking it through and bringing some deepness to the gift. 

As silly that is. All the gift giving traditions. It does bring joy to our hearts. But let's give our time as well and even more of that. 

Gifts and money have so much less value. According to most of the scientists searches regarding 'happiness'.

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