Handmade Gifts For Hearts

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Handmade gifts are truly the best gifts. Wether they are made by your hands or by someone elses hands, it will give so much more message and warmth to the gift receiver.

In our century everything is made by machinery or computers. Not that much is left to be dealt with human hands. Is there? 

Only the few truly passionate are left on this planet who still are doing this. Making items by hand, but by any machinery. 

So is me, this shop owner. 

Each letter is stamped by hand into metal making magical gift to your loved one. You can personalised most of the listings in the shop and there is special personalised gift listing as well.

I produce many keychains with funny quotes and meaningful sayings into them. I also produce necklaces and jewerly in the same way - metal handstamping. 

I care of your loved one to make each letter special. It makes a quirky and unique look of the quote. The accessory will be cherished by your loved one as he/she cherish you. Come up with the special quote with the meaning that is known only by you both. Can there be better gift than that?

Love gift giving?

Love smiles.

Love laughs.

Love humans. Your friends and family and neighbours. And even your enemies if you have any.

Wishing all the best,