Hand Stamped Jewelry Making

I have been doing hand stamping for over a year now. It all started with opening the new Etsy store. I did check few youtube videos before I started. I didn't follow all the rules. As usual... I' m not someone who likes following recipes word by word and measurement by measurement. But there are some rules are worth following... Youtube tutorial ( not by me). 

I ordered metal letters for stamping. And aluminium discs. I did also order stainless steel discs, however, it was way harder to stamp, material is really strong... Not as soft. And I kinda gave up on that material... next thing was to try to get the letters more less straight and also deep enough. Its all about the angle of the hammer and the way you hold each stamping letter. After a month of practicing my lettering started to be more straight and nice. I have made first 20- 50 hand stamped jewelry pieces. Next thing was - working on things like SEO and marketing to get the sales going. 

Many of my friends and some people who replied to the add about hand stamping job have tried it. Not everyone gets it. It is not as easy as it seems. But then again, I have met people who succeeded in the first try. I mean, there are still mistakes here and there. But after first 5-10 discs they are able to make all the letters more less straight. The charm in hand stamped jewelry is also quirkyness of it. Engraving not being perfect gives a little charm and cuteness to the piece. It makes it more handmade looking and one of the kind. Jewellery with that kind of look can be the most charming of all.

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