Gift shop owner days

This blog simply will explain what the heck I am doing today. 

Part of my routine is to work on different shops. Also to make new products, think of fun quotes to put on your gifts. Think, what else can I do to make this better.

I also like to have a walk in the park, both for exercise and thinking and learning purposes. I listen to audiobooks as I walk.

I also practice my instrument every day. Sometimes i go cycling by the canal in London. 

I spend time with my boyfriend as well. In a way i give more gifts to my boyfriend than anyone else. Because there are at least 2 - 4 occassions that requires gift giving. Thank god we ignore valentines and anniversaries a bit. Meaning, we only give cards to each other. But little funny keychain would be a cool gift too. If i dint sell them. lol

all the best.

newest keychain in the shop is teen boy gift -  heavyweight poop champion


heavyweight poop champion gift keychain fun