Interesting facts about gift giving 2018

After a little research on the web I have found few interesting facts about gift giving! Have a read! 
  • Did you know that in China and Japan, people never gift clocks? It is because clock represents ‘your time is running out’. Not an ideal gift to give, right?
  • 25% of US population wait for last minute to purchase gifts
  • Women buy more gifts than men do
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  • There is a song dedicated to gifting at Christmas. Guess what? It is a Christmas carol. The song talks about a list of 364 items ‘my true love sent to me’ on the twelve days of Christmas...
  •  ‘Gifts’ & ‘Presents’ are not exactly same. Gifts and presents are used interchangeably, but do you know, they not exactly same? According to, when you give something to the recipient at a ceremony, it is a present.

    Let it be wedding or birthday. Yes, we used to call it wedding gifts or birthday gifts. But by the new knowledge we have just learned, we have to pronounce it as wedding presents and birthday presents!

  • 28 per cent of surveyed respondents in Australia in 2018 admitted that they “recycle gifts” 

  • Women are more successful in finding desired gifts. 10 per cent of women’s gifts were returned to the shop, as opposed to 16 per cent for gifts given by men 
  • Women give Christmas gifts to more people than do men. The average difference is 12.5 versus eight 
  • Grandparents are the new holiday power spenders with 66.56% spending $100 or more per grandchild!

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