Bad days and good days

So what happens when you have a bad day?

bad days and good days. inspirational blog

Broken mirror, broken glass... cat turns your apartment upside down..

Spilling wine...

Someone is being upset at you without a reason you can see or understand....

It just seems like today everything is falling upside down..

But is it?

Are there good things today?


Simply list the good things!

Write them down.

Be thankful.

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We all had those days.

Important thing is not to stay in that mindset. To move on as quickly as possible. To fill your self with positive thoughts and remember all the good things about your life and yes, also this day! Every day there are good things happening. If there aren't it means you are not making them happen or you are not seeing them!

It is amazing when you listen to surrounding sounds. To birds! Even in the city! Go to the park. Meditate! 

Well being is the main thing you need to focus!

And what about moms! 

They face so much more than cat and wine problems!



Husband... Girlfriend... Wife...

Someone is unhappy again...


We are all responsible for our emotional space , for your energy.

Don't keep the bad energy people in your life. Or at least don't pay attention to what they say! Sometimes it's family members you can't really get away from...Or you can! But it may be hard.

Choose life!

The gift of life.