About the hand stamped jewelry shop

It all started with Etsy. First I opened shop that had crocheted hats in it. Gradually I moved from pillow making to jewellery making. And next step was learning to hand stamp cute quotes on the metal. I focused on keychains particularly and the idea of the keychains being gifts. Etsy shop had quite a fast success. People loved the quotes. Descriptions, SEO and Photos was more less alright and I started having sales after 1 month. After a year I was able to fully support myself with my Etsy shop. Quotes engraved on keyrings was a perfect gift for Valentines day , for Boyfriend or Girlfriend. Despite of that, I never stopped doing what I always was doing - guitar playing and teaching. And I opened this shop! I wanted to be more independent from Etsy. All jewelry is hand made in my shop. And yes, most of it currently is handmade by myself. Quirkiness of these engravings is special. Since each letter is stamped by hand, each customer receives fully one of the kind product. Thank you for stopping by!