Proud parents gift to son or daughter.. Gift giving time is soon here!

Proud parents gift to son or daughter.. Gift giving time is soon here!

I am proud of you keychain gift that is personalised might be just an amazing idea for gift! Christmas time is coming, we all look forward to come up with some cool gifts for our loved ones..
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You love to give gifts? What does it say about you?

You love to give gifts? What does it say about you?

You love to give gifts to everyone? What does it say about you? 

First of all, the very logical and obvious. You are a good and lovely person. And, you love making others smile. Other people happiness makes you happy. Gift giving is magic. You are altruistic human being. More of the people who loves giving gifts to friends and family... 

perfect personalised gift ideas for christmas

Check some personalised gift exchange ideas

You family must be trilled to have you.

And do you go even further and personalise your gifts? You give extra thoughts to each gift, you listen to what people talk about, you pay attention to what their passions are. Hey, I am already in love with you ( as I write this...) ... 

What could be a perfect personalised gift exchange idea?

Personalised jewelry

Personalised Mug

Personalised Leather Coaster?

Personalised Keychain?

List can go on.....

Here are few ideas for you from the mentioned...


funny personalised keychains


personalised beauty and the beast rose necklaces


personalised leather coaster


personalised coffee mug gift for pilot

Personalising gifts are the best!!! You are making receiver smile like never ever... They feel extra special... It's magic. I know it will make you happy! And of course the receiver of the gift. What is better than making yourself happy in the process of making someone else happy?

And yes! Your favorite time of the year is coming up! Christmas time! 

Let's enjoy! Both you, gift receiver and of course me too. 

and just one more gift idea...  ( for boyfriend ;) )

i hope your day is as nice as my boobs - keychain 

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Gift giving

Gift giving

Tradition of gift giving started...





and 'gifts etsy" jewelry custom...

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It's a blog post about Christmas gifts

Christmas gift blog post will talk about gift giving. 

Keychains with engraved messages is amazing idea for xmas... same as personalised jewelry.

I am being silly writing this blog post about xmas gift giving. Xmas maybe is silly. but we still have to go and celebrate....

a lot of the time we don't even want to.

others loves this family get together stuff.

me, i just go to my boyfriends family house. ( cos my family is in the other country and  dont care about xmas too much plus other country is a bit colder. and i hate cold. so i just dont go there when it's winter..)

do i give handstamped personalised gifts? maybe not. as i make them.

keychains and keyrings... best husband and all that. best boyfriend in the world.

i hope your day is as nice as my butt keychain.... and all that.

it's great.

but once you are gift shop owner , u run out of the ideas LOL

what are the best ideas for christmas gifts ?


Also can be checked here... -



out of curiousity.... none of it.... its all business.... it's all kinda silly.

not sure if i believe in xmas gift giving at all. not to mention it's actually christian holiday.....other cultures and religions... other vibes...

why does christianity has taken over? huh?

personalised keychains for xmas ... maybe? 

engravings to be personalised... maybe...


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Hand made keychain queen

When it comes to quirky hand made and hand stamped keychains and necklaces i m the queen. Based in London, UK. All items in my shop can be personalised. Don't see that often dont you?

Keychain magic is here.

It makes perfect gift for boyfriend. The most selling keychain is 'i hope your day is as nice as my butt' .

But many others may compete for customer love. 

Buzzfeed posted this keychain twice. Without me trying to get on buzzfeed. It was for etsy shop.

Yes, this hand stamping gifts adventure started on Etsy. As a lot of hand made products out there.

A lot of people around the world enjoy personalised gifts. Girlfriends and boyfriend and wives and husbands, all enjoy being surprised.

Love is in the air!

And Christmas is coming! So quirky custom gifts with your loved one names on them will be amazing gifts... Or maybe you're playing a Secret Santa game? Ideal! So many funny quote ideas in this shop , but not only that! Simply search around web and find your favorite quotes and purchase custom listing! Simply leave additional comment with your order and you will receive your item very soon!


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