Keychain gifts

Keychain gifts

Keychain gifts are so the best in many ways. They cant go massively wrong as its not jewellery. With jewellery if you dont know what person likes you can go massively wrong. But not with a funny or meaningful quote. People like attaching something to their keys. In other cases they want to have new keychains to inspire them daily. Things changes. Life changes. We have new goals and new dreams. We need new inspirational sayings for every day life or something new and funny to make you smile. Keychain can be bought for yourself to simply inspire. Or a friend as every day gift or maybe birthday present. Fun 'i hope your day is as nice as my butt' is still one of the most popular gifts amongst my customers...

The perfect thing about this shop is that everything can be customised! 

Just leave 'note for seller' with your order if boobs are your best feature  and not the butt...




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Bad days and good days

Bad days and good days

So what happens when you have a bad day?

bad days and good days. inspirational blog

Broken mirror, broken glass... cat turns your apartment upside down..

Spilling wine...

Someone is being upset at you without a reason you can see or understand....

It just seems like today everything is falling upside down..

But is it?

Are there good things today?


Simply list the good things!

Write them down.

Be thankful.

be greatful - gift ideas for inspiration, keychains with quotes


We all had those days.

Important thing is not to stay in that mindset. To move on as quickly as possible. To fill your self with positive thoughts and remember all the good things about your life and yes, also this day! Every day there are good things happening. If there aren't it means you are not making them happen or you are not seeing them!

It is amazing when you listen to surrounding sounds. To birds! Even in the city! Go to the park. Meditate! 

Well being is the main thing you need to focus!

And what about moms! 

They face so much more than cat and wine problems!



Husband... Girlfriend... Wife...

Someone is unhappy again...


We are all responsible for our emotional space , for your energy.

Don't keep the bad energy people in your life. Or at least don't pay attention to what they say! Sometimes it's family members you can't really get away from...Or you can! But it may be hard.

Choose life!

The gift of life.

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Handmade Gifts For Hearts

Handmade Gifts For Hearts

handmade gifts uk, handstamped keychain shop, personalised engravings on the metal


Handmade gifts are truly the best gifts. Wether they are made by your hands or by someone elses hands, it will give so much more message and warmth to the gift receiver.

In our century everything is made by machinery or computers. Not that much is left to be dealt with human hands. Is there? 

Only the few truly passionate are left on this planet who still are doing this. Making items by hand, but by any machinery. 

So is me, this shop owner. 

Each letter is stamped by hand into metal making magical gift to your loved one. You can personalised most of the listings in the shop and there is special personalised gift listing as well.

I produce many keychains with funny quotes and meaningful sayings into them. I also produce necklaces and jewerly in the same way - metal handstamping. 

I care of your loved one to make each letter special. It makes a quirky and unique look of the quote. The accessory will be cherished by your loved one as he/she cherish you. Come up with the special quote with the meaning that is known only by you both. Can there be better gift than that?

Love gift giving?

Love smiles.

Love laughs.

Love humans. Your friends and family and neighbours. And even your enemies if you have any.

Wishing all the best,


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Gift shop owner days

Gift shop owner days

This blog simply will explain what the heck I am doing today. 

Part of my routine is to work on different shops. Also to make new products, think of fun quotes to put on your gifts. Think, what else can I do to make this better.

I also like to have a walk in the park, both for exercise and thinking and learning purposes. I listen to audiobooks as I walk.

I also practice my instrument every day. Sometimes i go cycling by the canal in London. 

I spend time with my boyfriend as well. In a way i give more gifts to my boyfriend than anyone else. Because there are at least 2 - 4 occassions that requires gift giving. Thank god we ignore valentines and anniversaries a bit. Meaning, we only give cards to each other. But little funny keychain would be a cool gift too. If i dint sell them. lol

all the best.

newest keychain in the shop is teen boy gift -  heavyweight poop champion


heavyweight poop champion gift keychain fun

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Love is always the answer

Love is always the answer

When we talk about love we can't explain it. Sometimes it just catches us in the most unexpected times. Sometimes love appears where mind simply have no power. You keep telling yourself that he/she isn't good for you. He/she is cheating on his wife... husband... And you are there just along the ride... Until he ( let's just stick around 'he") finds new hobby...

If he is rich he also likes to give a lot of presents... And you think you must mean something to him... because of the gifts he gives... But in the reality, gifts are purchased by his assistant... 

Is gifts love?

Well, according to 5 love languages theory gifts is one of the love languages.

Learn all of them... As the one seems to be logical for yourself isn't really for your other half .. real other half or 'lover'... And then there is also love for sex... That can be mistaken for love itself... Love for for touch, love for quality time or love that is expressed when husband fixes your refrigerator... And yes, the love language that i forgot for a moment is words. Giving your spouse the gift of compliments can be answer to years and years long arguments...

You must study 5 languages to find out why sometimes your love life isn't the way you wish it could be...

Simply saying more often to your wife 'I fall for your smile again today" will improve your happiness levels of course... most likely also sex life.



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